What Is An Asbestos Report And Why Is It Needed?

asbestos report

After an Asbestos Management Survey or Asbestos Refurbishment/Demolition Survey (R&D Survey) is carried out an Asbestos Report is produced which includes, Asbestos Management Plan (AMPs), Management System (MMS), Registry of Asbestos containing Workplace (ROASW), and Asbestos Management System (EMS). Any required remedial action and an Asbestos report are required before the letting or sale of a property. Before a letting agent receives a Tenancy Agreement (TA) they must obtain an Asbestos Report from their local council which is then passed on to the tenants. This is all part of the law and it is the responsibility of the letting agent to ensure that this is the case.

What Is An Asbestos Report And Why Is It Needed?

An Asbestos Report is produced after a council authorised survey of the premises has found the existence of at least two asbestos containing materials in the property. These are either broken down into smaller materials or one item is contained in a number of larger items. If the report refers to material that was detected by video surveillance cameras then the names of the camera and its location will appear. The contents of the Asbestos Report are then documented in an original format and sent to the person who originally requested the report.

When a property owner or manager receives a report from an Asbestos Management Survey, their obligation is to obtain a copy of the Asbestos Report from the local council as soon as possible. This is to enable them to act on it and begin any actions that may need to be taken. They should also review the report and if necessary contact their local council to seek information regarding the actions required. It is vital that any person or organisation that receives an asbestos surveying report acts upon it and notify their local council in writing so they can follow up on it and take action where appropriate.

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