Tie Dye Leggings

tie dye leggings

Tie Dye Leggings

It’s no wonder that tie dye leggings are in this year’s must have fashion list. This year’s hot trends include them in skinny jeans for women, as well as in denim and skirt for men. These leggings are extremely versatile, being able to work with almost any type of outfit that you would put together for a day out or a romantic evening. You can try a variation of the tie dye leggings and jazz up your everyday wardrobe as well. Here we will be showing you how to tie dye leggings and how to choose the right ones to compliment your wardrobe.


As with all tie dye leggings, be sure to wear natural fibers such as cotton. The tie dye leggings made from cotton are the best option for those that have a tendency to get allergies from synthetic materials. Cotton leggings especially look nice when worn with a skirt, especially around the waist. If you do decide to go with a pair of pure cotton tie dye leggings, be sure that they are a little bit darker than you want them to be. To help create the illusion of a longer leg, tuck some of the dye into the hole that is often left between the toes.


To add a splash of color to your legging wardrobe, try going with some interesting tie dye patterns. A rainbow of colors makes these leggings extremely fun to wear and they can give you the freedom to be creative. One fun way to turn a basic pair of tie dye leggings into a unique piece of clothing is to pair them with a basic white shirt. You can easily change the shirt’s color by adding a few drops of red in with the white or by simply leaving it the same color. Some other great ideas for tie dye leggings are to pair them with a cute little cardigan, a plain black dress or even a cute little mini-length skirt. Whatever your preference, there is bound to be a fun way to make your leggings a rainbow of color!

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