The Federal Economic Program – A Look at the Federal Economic Strategy

talent stream

As a highly sought after program that brings together international talents from various countries, the Global Talent Stream is a fast growing solution for employers who are unable to meet the demand for locally sourced talent. For years, Canadian business owners and workers have been in search of a way to bring more skilled professionals into their communities. The Global Talent Stream – Vanhack promises to solve some of these labour challenges by allowing internationally trained and experienced professionals to immigrate to Canada. This stream is currently available in four different regions across Canada: Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick and Alberta.


Under the new Global Talent Stream, eligible skilled workers from foreign countries can easily obtain their Canadian work permits and Canadian visa applications approved within two months. The program was introduced on June 12, 2021, by Quebec announcing its own version of the program on September 13, 2021. Like the Ontario and New Brunswick options, the Quebec Talent Stream also offers two categories for specialized workers. One category consists of skilled workers who must advance their career in order to qualify for immigration into Canada; while the other category is designed to allow more short-term entry for workers temporarily travelling or residing in Canada. However, like the Ontario and New Brunswick options, the Quebec Talent Stream requires that foreign professionals meet some language and culture requirements before they can become eligible for admission.


As indicated previously, the federal government’s intention with the Global Talent Stream is to bring more highly skilled foreign professionals into Canada, making the country a more competitive country in the global economy. To achieve this goal, the federal government has been successful in partnering with provinces, including Ontario and Quebec, in launching the talent stream. These provinces have been successful in implementing the program to the satisfaction of both workers and employers. In particular, both the Ontario government and the Quebec government have been able to successfully implement a similar program that allows employers to hire temporary foreign workers directly from Australia under the Federal Employers Liability Act. The experience of these two provinces is important for future success in the Canadian economy.

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