The Advantages of Boom Lifts Hire

Your search for a Brisbane Boom Lift Hire could take you as far as heavy duty telescopic boom lifts, also called telescopic booms. As you may expect, these heavy booms extend just like a large telescope mounted on a shop ceiling. They don’t have manual hinges or knobs to reach over worksite obstructions, however. The boom lifts have one lever per side instead of several and they can extend up to 100 feet. There is usually a safety switch on the lower boom that will activate an alarm if someone gets too close, but there are no other apparent safety features on these modern boom lifts.


If you still aren’t convinced that these new contraptions are worth the investment, consider the task of moving heavy equipment. You’ve probably been there: heavy equipment needs to be lifted into a truck, then off to the job site where it needs to be installed. Now imagine if that truck was one of those Brisbane boom lifts with telescopic booms that extend straight up and down from the ceiling. It would make the lifting of the equipment much easier, because there would be no truck to slow or hinder in any way. Those hours spent standing in the tightest of lines or crouched low over a workbench, would be over.


It’s hard to picture, but straight booms can easily be rolled up like an accordion folds when not in use, so they take up less space in the workplace. Also, they can’t be moved as easily, making them safer. And the fact that they’re made of steel means that they won’t rust and are more resistant to vandalism than their wood cousins. As you can see, these are some of the reasons why Brisbane boom lift hire is the way to go.

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