Stair Nosing – A Common Cause of Falls For Home Owners

To have a safe and comfortable stairlift, one must ensure that it has good sturdiness and has the proper stoke – the distance between the tread and the wall of the stairway – to prevent injury. Stair nosing is the flat, protruding portion of a stairway at its widest part where many foot traffic often occurs. A staircase must have a good grip so as not to fall when the person is on the narrow steps.

Stair Nosing – A Common Cause of Falls For Home Owners

The design of the stair nosing in relation to the treads and risers is also an important consideration. For some stairs, people place decorative moldings and brackets above the treads and risers; however, these are not necessary for other staircases with less detail. The decorative molding and brackets should be avoided where possible since they may not withstand the heavy weight of people and damage from their step-climbing feet. It is better to have just the bare essentials in place on the staircase.

General wear and tear on the steps, especially around the edges, are another matter of concern when stairnosing is concerned. Since stair nosing comes into contact with people’s feet at many times during the use of the stairs, it requires more attention than most other parts of the stairs. It is important to check that it is made from a tough and durable material that can withstand weight. This can be achieved by using steel, timber or concrete. The best material would depend on the amount of foot traffic that takes place on the stairs and also the amount of maintenance required to keep it in good condition.

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