Protection Order Lawyer Canucks Can Help You Get Freedom For Victims

When you or somebody you love becomes the victim of domestic violence they are often in need of protection from their abuser. An injury, a broken bone, or some type of serious harm can make that decision to seek protection in the form of a protection order easier to make. However, once a protection order has been made it can be hard for the victim to get it lifted. This is why it is very important that you seek the help of a Canberra criminal lawyer to represent you and obtain your protection from the abuser.


There are many different laws in both ACT and NZ, which deal with protection orders and other related issues. In order to protect yourself in the city of Canberra you need to find the services of a lawyer who specializes in this particular area. The protection order lawyer Canberra in both countries are very similar and that is one reason why many lawyers don’t specialize in these types of cases. A lawyer specializing in this type of law will be able to use the relevant laws in your jurisdiction to ensure that your rights are protected.


The first thing that a lawyer will do is assess the situation and see if there is really a valid reason for making the protection order. The courts in both ACT and NZ have put certain conditions on when protection can be granted so you need to check to make sure that there isn’t a good reason for the order to be made. The lawyer will also be able to check to see if the victim has suffered any kind of financial hardship as a result of the abuse. It’s important to remember that once the protection order has been made it remains in effect in all forms and cannot be removed by a court order. As long as the abuse continues there is no way the victim can get his or her freedom back.

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