Predators That Prefer Homes In The Nashville Pest Control Services Zone

Absolute Pest Control is a pest and extermination firm that’s served both Nashville and the surrounding areas for almost two years now. Its certified pest control technicians provide a free initial inspection of both residential and commercial property and one time and recurring monthly pest and termite treatments against all kinds of insects, including: termites, bed bugs, ants, roaches and raccoons. Pest control is their specialty. exterminator experts will assess the size of your home and the pest problem, what treatments are available, how effective they are, whether or not your chosen treatment is required by law, and if it’s a wise investment of your dollars, you might decide to hire them for the job too. Here are some of the best services the company offers:

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They’ve got a team of fully trained and licensed pest management companies on staff, including pest extermination experts (many with EPA accreditation). They use state of the art equipment, including heat applicators and bait containers, for treatment. This eliminates the need to apply the treatment yourself, which reduces risk and waste. Their experienced technicians use EPA approved products, some of which can be imported into the US. They also provide EPA certified field workers, maintenance and inventory technicians, as well as EPA project managers for ongoing projects throughout the state of Tennessee.

Some of the insects the company specializes in are: carpenter ants, eastern white crickets, ground beetles, drywood termites (also called subterranean termites), ground beetles, tunnel insects, fruit flies, and treehoppers. They also service other areas such as Belle Meade, Franklin and Brentwood. Other services that might be provided include tree removal, termite treatment, firewood disposal, tree thinning, tree removal, stump removal, and fence damage restoration. You might also want to call them if you want an inspection or prepping of your home. The company’s technicians can conduct inspections and prepping for various home projects.

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