Phoebe Philo – The Ha vaianas Flip Flop

There are many stories about how the iconic Havaianas Flip Flops came to be, but one of the more colorful versions is about how Phoebe Philo found them at a local shoe store. As it turns out, Phoebe is not actually the first woman to wear these amazing flip flops, in fact she is not even the first woman to wear Phoebe Philo’s design, although she most certainly is one of the biggest fans of them. The interesting part is that even when being only eighteen the fashion world proclaimed feet were two sizes larger than they were really were (do not ask how that happened). So Phoebe purchased Havaianas from a nearby shoe store, not one that specializes in flip flops, but ones that sells normal high heels. That is right, these little gems were so popular with teenagers back then that even the store called them “havaianas uk“.

Have You Considered Havaianas Flip Flops Or Havaianas Sandals?

Now as we know teenagers go through phases where everything they purchase suddenly becomes very popular, and in this case Phoebe Philo was buying her havaianas flip flops to help her transition from small teen girl to successful adult. But while everyone is buying them, no one seems to be mentioning how beautiful Phoebe was looking in her tiny footwear. She was carrying the sandal off of her feet with an air of proud nonchalance and talking about how beautiful she looked in her sandal was how she ended up receiving the compliment. The interesting part of all of this is that people were praising her for something that she had not really tried. She had not even considered trying the sandals and did not even really believe that they were a “flip flop”, so to her it seemed like magic when her friend complimented her on her sandal.

Of course, now that she is an adult Phoebe has become a bit more careful with her money. This also means that she has learned to be more discerning in what shoes she purchases, and as a result has only bought havaianas flip flops that are made for adults, or shoes with extra supportive soles. She still loves her cute little havaianas though, and still gets the same compliments from people who do not know her sandals are actually a flip flop. Maybe they just like to compliment girls in general, or maybe they like to pretend that all shoes have to look the same. Either way, Phoebe Philo still loves her havaianas, and she still loves showing off her new style.

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