Outdoor Kitchen Bench – A Practical Solution For Your Outdoor Kitchen Space

outdoor kitchen bench

Bellac Outdoor Kitchen by Brafab is an attractive outdoor kitchen which enables you to prepare meals outdoors. It consists of a strong base of hard-wearing powder-coated steel that takes no special care. The counter top is made from granite and over all is a large, functional shelf to place many accessories on. The base and counter top are designed to be interlocking, offering easy assembly and dis-assembly. The counter top also includes a cutout for a sink, and the bottom of the shelf has grooves to hold a variety of kitchen accessories.


This outdoor kitchen bench is ideal for food prep such as cutting vegetables or fruits, spreading sauce, or even for spreading bread when making sandwiches. The bench is large enough to accommodate most food prep tools and it has a slide to lock in or roll up the work space. The built in cutting boards and knife blocks make it easy to prepare all kinds of vegetables, cut vegetables and fruits, and slice meats without damage to your counter tops.


If you are looking for a durable, comfortable bench that will keep you and your family mobile while working in the yard or garden, the Bellac Outdoor Kitchen by Brafab might be just what you need. The bench has heavy duty rubber wheels that enable easy maneuverability. The sturdy materials will keep your food preparation area safe and dry. And at only two feet long, the Bellac Outdoor Kitchen bench offers a great deal of square footage for your outdoor kitchen space!

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