Oak Furniture

Oak furniture is a British furniture retailer specializing in high quality, durable, custom-made wooden furniture and other sofa ranges, from sectional sofas, two chairs, two end tables. The business now has multiple stores around the UK, with its main headquarters located in Swindon, England. The Oak brand was founded by William Sellwood in 1825 and is known for its “authentic” British style. It is also renowned for its use of sustainable wood and has made efforts to be environmentally conscience over the years. Its furniture is sold in some of the UK’s leading High Street stores.

oak furniture

Warning: These Mistakes Will Destroy Your Oak Furniture

There are many reasons why oak furniture is a solid choice when you need high quality, durable furniture. Oak is a naturally durable material, which mean that it will last a long time, and can provide a great aesthetic to any room – or indeed, if you’re looking to sell your house! Solid oak furniture made from this wood has high quality, is strong and hardwearing, and because of its natural beauty, adds an extra degree of “oomph” to a room, helping make it a great addition to any home.

Another advantage of oak furniture is that it is a very affordable option. It is relatively inexpensive, compared to the alternative options that are available. One of the benefits of pine is that pine looks “natural”. But furniture made from pine also has to be made from a sustainable resource, with tree-cutting and harvesting from the local environment being carefully monitored. And due to the environmental concerns that are now being widely highlighted, manufacturers are taking even greater steps to ensure that they are using sustainable sources of wood, such as bamboo. All in all, then, it’s a good idea to choose oak furniture from a British manufacturer, which will not only offer you a piece of furniture that you know is made from a sustainable, ecologically conscious source, but one that is also reasonably priced and which offers quality, style, choice, and durability in a range of styles and finishes.

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