Miniflow Packaging Machines

The Miniflow 3800 flow pack machine is equipped with a number of different customizable features. Excellent performance in a compact, mobile flow wrapping unit. The machine has been specifically designed for use in applications requiring very little space, such as in on-site assembly lines and packaging applications.

flow pack machine


AllĀ  Features and Applications

This portable flow pack machine is especially useful when processing a wide variety of stock in a short period of time, as well as in applications where there is limited room for packaging equipment or trucks. The Miniflow can pack tight, with maximum security, and can handle both hot and cold packs. In addition to all of the standard features available on other types of machines, the Miniflow offers a unique capability to quickly reconfigure the packing process when changes are needed. For example, flow pack machine personnel can easily reconfigure the wrapping process to pack two different products in one day. The machine is also very user-friendly, which makes it the ideal choice for new businesses that don’t have experience with packaging equipment. It is also ideal for companies that are expanding their packaging business and for operations that require high control over costs.

The Miniflow is a fully programmable machine, offering a number of options for configuration and operation. As well, it has been designed so that it can easily interface with the software of vertical flow packaging equipment, including flow wrapping suppliers, as well as with common inventory management software systems. Because of its ease of use and powerful capabilities, the Miniflow is a great choice for horizontal as well as vertical flow wrapping applications. Because of these characteristics and its overall low cost, the Miniflow is an excellent choice for companies in almost any vertical flow packing environment.

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