Keratin Hair Extension – An Introduction

Keratin hair extension by Great Lengths, are pre-tied and bonded into your natural hair with the revolutionary cold fusion technique. Cold Fusion use ultrasonic bonding without damaging the hair, offering the most efficient way to attach hair keratin extension to your hair. As a result, keratin hair extension lasts longer than any other method available on the market. Unlike other keratin hair extension systems, this system does not cause hair damage. Keratin hair extension are also easy to care for, simply wash and detangle. Click here

Most Common Types of Hair Extensions

There are two ways to use keratin extensions: hot and cold. Hot styling uses thermal glue along with heat sealer to hold the extension in place. Cold styling uses cold glue and heat sealer. To attach hot keratin extensions, apply heat sealer all around the head including the ends; it will act as a thermosetting adhesive, locking the extensions in place. To detangle, just remove the extension and rub it gently against your scalp, don’t pull.

Many users have found that Keratin hair extension does require patience. You may need to give the product a few days to properly attach to the scalp. If the glue does not stick well on your natural hair, or if the extension does not stay in place after you have shampooed or otherwise washed your hair, return the item to the retailer. This is not intended to discourage you from purchasing high quality extensions, it is simply to ensure that you do not waste money on poor-quality products that will not last.

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