Garage Paint Ideas Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 9 Tips

Not everyone’s an interior decorator or has the eye for design, but it doesn’t take a professional to paint a new colour on your garage walls. Using one of these 9 garage paint ideas as inspiration, you can give your garage some personality that you’ve always wanted.  

Interior Garage Wall Paint Colors - Designing Idea

If You Want Your Garage Floor To Look Exposed Concrete Or Stone

Concrete floors are beautiful and they go great with pretty much any style of the paint job. There are so many colours out there, so use concrete as a blank surface to create something unique. If you have the money you can even get epoxy flooring installed – talk about an awesome look!

Stone coloured paint looks especially good combined with white cabinets. This is because both stone and cabinets have a bit of that same yellowish hue to them, which creates a uniform look.

If You Want To Cover Up Old Paint Job

If you’re trying to hide an old paint job but still want the house to have some personality, settle for one colour in particular: purple. Not only does it stand out without being too garish, but also because it was made popular by Tron – everyone who sees your garage will remember seeing that movie!

The Best Way To Make Your Garage Look Modern

Asymmetrical patterns are becoming more and more attractive these days…in fact, they have already considered “modern” decades ago when people started moving away from symmetry. Of course, this isn’t just limited to painting designs on your walls, you can do it with floor tiles or cabinets as well.  

For An Extra Cool Look Use Black Garage Paint

Incorporating a bit of metallic silver is a great way to add some class and style to your garage, especially if you add some in the form of graphics on the wall. It won’t take away from the car parked inside, but it will still make a statement – everyone that sees it will be wondering where you got that idea.

If You Want To Make Your Garage Look Like A Lounge Or A Den

Painting everything black is a good start, but what’s going to make the place look like an actual lounge? Well, first off don’t forget about adding indirect lighting (see our guide for more information), and then sneak a few pieces of furniture inside.

If you have a huge garage, try putting a TV on the wall – no place will look cooler than that! Another idea would be to paint some furniture black. For example, turn your storage cabinets into bar stools or simple chairs. You can even do it with tables!

If You Want To Make Your Garage Look Like A Toy Story Playroom

The first thing you might want to consider is painting everything white, especially if you don’t have any windows in the room.

But what makes it look like kids were there before? The easiest way is by adding a border around each wall – this not only gives a playful vibe but also hides the edges of the walls as well as any imperfections. Then add a few pictures of your kids to give it that personal touch, and you’re all set!

If You Want To Make Your Garage Look Like A Luxurious Bathroom

Don’t go too crazy with the colours – a simple white is a good place to start, along with a bit of metallic gold. But what separates this from every other garage in the world is the luxurious appearance.

It might be hard to achieve at first, but if you get rid of any machinery or storage equipment, replace all flooring tiles with marble, add some indirect lighting and add an elegant chandelier then people will think they just stumbled into your bathroom rather than your garage!

If You Just Want It To Be A Place Where You Can Relax

Got a sports car or motorcycle? Then chances are you want to go for more of an industrial look with metal, wood and brick (and maybe even some old tires ).

That’s okay – there are no set rules when it comes to garage design! Just remember that the place should be stress-free, so make sure to get rid of stuff that might be causing problems.

Also include at least one or two comfortable armchairs, because nobody wants to spend hours in a room where all they can do is sit on the floor…especially if they’re trying to relax.

If You Want To Make It Look Like A Man Cave

One thing’s for sure: it’s going to have dark colours. Another option would be putting up a big-screen TV – it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just one that you’ve bought recently.

This will make the room look more masculine and interesting, especially if you don’t have any car in there to look at or talk about! It’s also nice to provide a fridge with beer, as well as a dartboard. Of course, this is assuming your wife/family/roommates aren’t opposed to those things…

No matter what type of design you want for your garage, be sure that it matches your cars. For example, if they’re mostly red then go with red walls as well. Whatever you do though, avoid adding patterns as much as possible – it might not look bad on paper but up close it will look like a mess.


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