Factors That Influence Price Of A Neon Sign

Price is often a major concern when deciding to purchase anything, and neon signs are no exception. How much does a custom neon sign cost? In the article below, we’ve outlined the most common factors that influence the price of a neon sign, as well as some tips for finding one that fits your budget.

Custom neon signs are advertising methods that use electrified glass tubes filled with different types of gases, or vapours. Neon lamps are the most common type of custom neon signs, but they can also be made from plasmas and even laser beams.

A tube frame encloses these devices, made either largely for this purpose or just as part of a larger object. Custom neon signs can come in almost any colour using different gasses inside the tubes, usually argon gas mixed with one other metal to produce particular colours. Read more for more insights. 

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Custom neon sign makers often work closely with graphic artists so business owners who want four-leave clovers glowing red outside their Irish pub will have no problem finding a builder who can make it happen. 

Once you’ve found a custom neon sign maker to work with, the cost of a single custom neon sign will vary depending on where you’re located, what type of custom neon sign design you want and how many signs you need.


The material used to construct the custom neon sign will also affect the price. While the common materials are glass tubing, plastic tubing and light bulbs, other materials can be used for signs that are more suited to outdoor or marine environments.

These materials are much tougher than glass or plastic, although they may cost a bit more because of their increased durability.

Custom neon signs made with these materials are not typically designed to last longer than average – rather, people choose them because they’re practically indestructible!


The colours you select for your custom neon sign have a large impact on its appearance, so many customers spend significant time considering which colours will produce the best effect in their store, office or event.

Although neon is available in a wide range of colours, the basic choices are warm glowing orange hues or cold blue hues.

Warm yellowish-orange hues are by far the most common choice for businesses because they seem to attract customers more naturally than their cool blue counterparts. Cooler blues are more popular for artistic custom neon signs that don’t rely on normal marketing methods to gain attention.


The design of custom neon signs can also affect their price significantly. More intricate designs require increased labour costs and must be priced accordingly.

Fortunately, most businesses don’t need more than a static glowing logo or wordmark to catch customers’ attention – it’s important to remember that a good design is subtle and simple rather than flashy and ostentatious!

Neon signs are best when they’re used from afar – from across the street or just outside your business, where you want everyone to see them but without all the bright colours and embellishments that might draw too much attention.

Custom Neon Signs – Single Sign Cost. 

The average cost for one custom neon sign is anywhere from $500 to $1,000 per sign. That price generally includes the construction of the frame as well as installation at your business location.

For those who have more intricate requests, such as lighting up multiple leaves on a four-leaf clover or having the client’s name glow in pink cursive rather than black letters, costs can increase dramatically.

Keep in mind that most custom neon signage is made especially for outdoor use but if you want an indoor custom neon sign, the cost will likely be more expensive.

Custom Neon Signs – Multiple Signs Cost. 

For those who are looking to decorate every corner of their business with glowing signage, multiple custom neon signs can help you save quite a bit of money. If you’re interested in placing five or six individual signs around your building, the average price per sign drops by about 25 percent.

This is because there are fewer costs associated with creating additional signage once the first sign has already been completed.

To further save on costs, have your business logo used as the standard for all signage so only one design needs to be created before being duplicated many times over.

There’s no law saying that every single one of your neon signs must be custom so it’s possible to create some standard signage outside of your business to save money.

Just make sure that the graphics are different enough that customers won’t be confused about where their favourite neon sign went once you’re finished decorating.

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