Enjoy the Sunshine Coast of Bali

Bali huts Sunshine Coast are the perfect retreat when you want to get away from the chaos of life in your daily life. Here you will be able to enjoy the beauty of the Tropical North region with the amazing sandy beaches and other natural attractions, as well as a wide variety of modern facilities, restaurants and hotels. Here you can simply relax and enjoy your stay in paradise, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.


Bali is made up of 2 provinces, Kuta and Jimbaran. The main cities are Jimbaran and Ubud, but there are also numerous other smaller settlements spread throughout the countryside. The majority of the beaches in Bali are along the northern part of the coastline, while the southern most beaches are on the island itself. Jimbaran is the most populated of the two provinces, as it is home to the famous tourist hot spot, Kuta. Kuta is the perfect place for those interested in surfing or other water sports, and there are plenty of world class hotels and resorts on and around the beaches.


When you visit Bali, you will not want to leave. It is an island that is full of beauty, culture and adventure. You will get to see the perfect surf beaches, explore the villages and towns along the coast, eat authentic Chinese food, shop in traditional villages and take part in a variety of activities that will fill up your days for the duration of your stay in Bali.

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