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One of the more popular jobs is that of a close protection officer London. This job is in charge of protecting people from any potential harm whether that be physical or psychological. The role is often the direct partner of the armed police officer, and both jobs are almost synonymous with each other as it is the close protection officer’s duty to protect and secure the public against any threats or attacks. There are many benefits of becoming involved in this field and many thank the people who volunteer for such a job as the benefits can include; becoming an expert in crime in all its forms, gaining access to extremely valuable information, and becoming an invaluable asset to the armed forces. If you are keen on learning more about this exciting career then the best way to get started would be by taking a GEOBASMS course which is offered at numerous universities across London and the UK.

Becomes a Close Protection Officer

As well as providing security in the home and workplace a close protection officer will also undertake operations to protect businesses, shops and public places from potential danger. These operations tend to involve high risk operations such as guarding the top level of a building against armed criminals, protecting banks and other large commercial centres from attack, protecting the wealthy from any potential embarrassment from having their picture taken by criminals and protecting the homeless from eviction. In some parts of the UK this job will also involve liaising between the police and the security services, so you could work as part of a team protecting a famous tourist destination like Westminster or helping to protect the royal household. As well as the extreme environment of the Fleet Street, there are many other challenges to this profession and although the physical demands are difficult, the rewarding opportunities are plentiful. The job involves close contact with the public and therefore very often you will be involved in operations involving the safeguarding of very important people such as the Queen or Prince William and may spend time behind the scenes protecting their lives.

The course offered at the GEOBASMS course London can teach you the skills required to become a close protection officer in the UK. You will learn tactical, protective and surveillance moves that can be implemented both on and off duty. You will have a comprehensive physical exercise component to the course that will help you develop your speed, agility and strength whilst developing your police management skills too. You will also learn courtesmanship and leadership in the course, giving you excellent opportunities for advancing into a role as a close protection officer with GEOBASMS.

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