Common Physical Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

What exactly is erectile dysfunction (ED)? Those few words are enough to cause any man to panic. Erectile Dysfunction is an extremely private subject that most men feel very embarrassed or even ashamed to discuss. Men that fail to seek medical treatment for erectile dysfunction usually feel like they are alone in their plight, but nothing can be further from the truth; there are millions of men around the world who suffer from this problem.


Although the exact cause of ED cannot be pinpointed, there are many contributing factors that can certainly increase the chances of developing this problem. In many cases, the actual physical size of the penis is one of the major contributing factors. Men with large penises tend to experience difficulties gaining an erection, and this can lead to them experiencing a greater level of stress and anxiety in general. Other contributing factors may include stress and anxiety related to sexual performance. One of the most common reasons why men develop ED is because they fail to live up to a number of expectations associated with their sexual performance, which in turn can contribute to psychological issues.

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The most common physical causes of erectile dysfunction include hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, atherosclerosis, stroke, and physical trauma to the penis. While these are all serious medical conditions, many men fail to realize that they can also contribute to the problem by ignoring their health. For instance, living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding prescription and over-the-counter medications such as birth control and cholesterol-lowering medication can help in many cases; although erectile dysfunction is not likely to be solved entirely through the use of prescription drugs.

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