Are you ready to get pregnant?

Are you ready to get pregnant?

Pregnancy is kind of scary. Your body changes a lot, you put on weight, your skin stretches, you get stretch marks, your boobs change. It’s all quite stressful and scary, especially the first time.

Are you worried about being pregnant? There’s a lot to think about. How is this going to affect your career? Will you get enough maternity leave? Can your partner support you? Can you afford it? Well yeah, lots of fun and scary questions to think about.

Be sure to talk to your friends, family and partner about any issues or questions you may have, they are there to help. This will help alleviate stress. You don’t want to be stressed and pregnant at the same time! that would be terrible!

There’s a lot to be read in books, or online about everything you need to know about pregnancy. You’ll eventually know so much and experience so much that you’ll think you know everything. or at least that’s how mums usually behave, especially on the internet.

If you do find pregnancy is a worrying you, especially if you’ve already half-cooked your little meatloaf. Well, sometimes all you can do is laugh. Try checking out the best pregnancy memes to find the funny side of pregnancy.

These great pregnancy memes relate to getting fatter, how it feels to give birth, pregnancy brain, how all the trimesters go, foods that are safe to eat whilst pregnant and all the extra urination you’re going to be doing!

Oh man, I love a good pregnancy meme. I just love memes in general, but really, these are a good way to get your mind around the kinds of issues you’re going to be facing soon! How stressful?! Well, hopefully not that bad.

Surely pregnancy can’t be that bad if most women do it, your mum did it, your grandma did it, if you’re a woman, maybe you’ll do it too! but again, if you don’t want to have kids, then that’s perfectly fine too because planet earth is pretty overpopulated as it is. So sometimes the best choice is no kids at all.

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